This is a free URL/Link checker that can be run on a PC without any problems.

Here’s the story….

I wanted an easy way to keep a list of links that I own for Clients and to check that these links were still live. This program will capture the HTML of a page, and look for the URL you put in the box.

How to use:

  • Add links into urls.txt (one each line)
  • Open URL_Checker.exe
  • Enter the url you want to check for.
  • Punch choose file and select urls.txt
  • Press Play
  • Program has nice little message windows to tell you how it’s doing, and when it’s finished.
  • Results will be outputted to /results/results_randomnumber.txt

Other things

Not just links! You can use this too to look for anything on a page, not just URL. You could ID site running specific pieces of code, for example Google Analytics or specific advertising codes.

Multiple Lists! You can create lots of different URL.txt files (example URL_Client_name.txt) and just run those each time.


Download Link
(15MB – .Net framework needed PC only, most antivirus will show a warning but then say it’s okay so just sit tight and let it work through it!).
MD5 Checksum Value of .zip: eb149ccc3037d4f1c0231aa26fb8e181



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