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The end of backlinks, what now?

It used to be that the more external references or citations (links) your website had, the more popular it would be seen by the search engines, and rewarded by way of a high position in the results pages.

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The Internet and Copyright

The Universal Copyright Convention was the first attempt to create a universally accepted world-wide system for the “copyright of protection of literary scientific and artistic works”. Updates and incorporations of these...

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Advertising and the Internet

The degree of measurement and demographic filters possible when advertising online is quite astonishing when compared to the more historic forms of communications messaging such as a full page spread in a newspaper or magazine....

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The Internet and…

Technology is now much easier to use than in the past (see image right!). This ease of understanding is being accelerated by universal standards, and of course programs like MS-Office! Another feature of this juncture in human...

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